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Cozy AF

Tis the season to layer up sweet thangs! Mama is HAPPY about it, too. I love when it gets chilly outside…honestly I like my outfits way more during the cold months because I can dress how I want without having to consider a potential heat stroke. 

Urban Outfitters are the masters of cozy, and they didn’t disappoint with these yummy pieces. 

Remember when I mentioned layering? Yeah, it’s a thing. I especially love layering sweaters over dresses (this is a slip if you really want to get technical). It’s the perfect excuse to bring those spring pieces into the fall and winter. Plus it looks cute, so, that doesn’t suck. 

The slit in the slip is a sexy little touch (because why the hell not), and is also the perfect light weight layer. Plus, if you have someone special back at the casa, take off the other layers and wellllll helloooooo there, playtime anyone? 

This sweater though?! It is insanely soft and beyond comfortable with the loose fit. Can we talk about the back for a second, too? Such a killer detail with the text one the back…not a basic sweater to THANK YOU. 

To run around in this look, it is super easy to throw on a denim jacket and some chucks. You keep it comfortable (and the obvious key word of the day) and COZY, without compromising style. Then the second you get home, you can throw on these knit slippers because HI HELLO DELICIOUS. 

Layer up. Be cozy. And stop being a hag.

Hag Takeover: Lindsay Jernigan