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Hag Takeover: Lindsay Jernigan

I have a special treat for you sweet thangs! My girl (oh, and L.A. stylist) Lindsay and I were chatting recently and decided HEY, let’s collab and get her on the blog! I mean, she’s a stylist that kills it and is a red headed bombshell, aka, a unicorn. So really, I would be stupid not to use her as bait to get people to my site. AMEN. 

Linds and I were discussing trends/ideas that would be fun to share. Something we both loved and decided to land on was raiding the boyfriends closet for your own wardrobe. Now, do I have a boyfriend…no I do not. Like, I am VERY single. But, you know who has a man? She does. And I would like to apologize in advance because the pictures of the two of them are going to make you really question what you are doing with your life…because they are cute af. Enjoy ya nuts :)

Look 1

This is probably the riskiest look and also my most favorite. 1. because i love a good separate 2. because i love a good masculine detail on very feminine outfits 3. because I feel like Rihanna in this outfit and that is my dream come true.  I love how unexpected the jacket is, just enough to give the sweet lilac separate a touch of edge. The boldness of the jacket also negates any need for extra accessories and I’m all about smallest amount of fuss. However, you could still add a choker or some fun earrings if you wanted more spice. There’s still a lot of room to play with this look and that’s what I love about it. Also, SO COMFORTABLE. Get that dessert, girl. The jacket will cover you.

Look 2

The t-shirts. This edition: graphic tees. There are so many occasions when I’m late for a meeting or brunch or probably anything because I’m always late and I have to grab something quick before heading out. T-shirt and jeans seems so boring but I love the power of accessories in this instance. Honestly a leather jacket makes anything 10x chicer, but especially a leather jacket that is ALSO a pop of color. Again, this look can be dressed up or down by easily throwing on a pair of heels! Great for meeting up with the girls, date night at the movies, brunch, meetings, honestly anything. I also love a cool maxi skirt instead of jeans for this look, another great way to dress up a basic graphic tee.

Look 3

 For me personally, I am all about throw it on and walk out the door. And comfort has to be #1. So as you can imagine, I am really really really over the moon for the t-shirt dress trend. And I am really really really glad bae is 6’3 and therefore his normal t-shirts are dresses on me. Which means, I can raid bae’s closet instead of having to scour the internet and/or countless stores for the perfect one. 
Part of the reason why I love this trend is that it can be dressed up or down. Throw the t-shirt on and some chucks and a jean jacket for daytime, and for date night, thigh high boots instantly make everything chic and sexy; and you can throw a silky robe over for added romantic effect. I love this look because it’s also a mixture of textures, which also makes the outfit look far more expensive than it is as well!


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