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Monochrome Holiday Looks

Honestly, truly, I am a little over wearing dresses to holiday parties. I will still do it, but this time of year it is COLD. Oh, and insanely windy. So the legs you shaved? Yeah, those pups are at full growth the second the chill hits you getting out of the car. Then you’re in that awkward stance when you are holding your dress down on both sides and walk like a decent human (which never works) at the same time. 

I am also at a point in my life where, yeah, I want to look fashionable. But I really want to be comfortable. You feel me?

PANTS. That is where it’s at. Didn’t shave? Cool, me either. Not a problem because the gams are covered. Wind? Psh, can stand in the wind all day, these babies ain’t goin anywhere. It is also great if you decide to sit, you don’t have to worry about flashing anyone. 

Monochrome looks have obviously been a thing for a long time, and I personally am a fan. It looks classic and sleek. 

So, for these holiday looks, I went for chic, and comfy. A total win in my book. 

Disclaimer, I did heels with one look and sneakers with the other….do what you want, boo! You can switch or swap for either look and they will still look killer. Live your life. 

Dress up. Be festive. LIVE HONEY. And stop being a hag.

LOOK 1 navy

LOOK 2 red

NYE Sequin Dress -- if you must

Holiday's Are Lit