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NYE Sequin Dress -- if you must

Here’s the thing. I am not a fan of a sequin club dress on New Years. Hi expected, basic called and wants it’s look back. The tight bandage dress in general isn’t my thing. It isn’t comfortable, ya can’t eat a damn thing without introducing the world to your food baby, and you look awkward as hell when you are constantly wiggling and pulling it down….because the dress is CONSTANTLY riding up. No thanks. 

But…not all sequin dresses are the pits. In fact, there are some, that when styled differently than usual, are pretty rad looking. That’s what I went for here. 

First of all, this dress was actually meant to be a bodycon. So naturally I ordered it 5-6 sizes too big so it would be loose. It instantly made the dress more chic and cool rather than….”sup hoe!”

For accessorizing I went extremely casual in an attempt to dumb the dress down even more. A fun sneaker, these bomb fishnet socks, and a funky hair-do. At this point I am starting to obsess over this look a bit. 

Just because this look is for NYE, and my mood was why the f*** not, GLITTER PARADE ON MY EYE BALLS. I also dragged some gold glitter liner under my brows for an extra fun pop. 

That’s it! My not-basic, funky fresh, fun, New Years look. 

Unfortunately, this dress is sold out, but I have linked several down below that you can achieve the same aesthetic with! 

Be festive, not basic. Have fun. Don’t look like a hoe. And stop being a hag.

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