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Festival Ready w/ UO

Ohhhhhh babyyyyyy. Festival season here we come! Music loving, movie going, western wearin, tribal feeling, gypsy looking, flower crown making, face painting, party people unite! 

Festival season is such a fun time of year. Kind of like award season for musicians and actors, but minus the gowns and awards. So, really, it’s better. 

There are epic performances, beautiful surroundings, and so much playtime. And can we talk about the wardrobe?! It is all about dressing the part, regardless of which fest you are attending. I mean, obviously. 

If you have never been, or if you have you will agree, it is survival of the fittest. Yes, it is a fun loving, hippie hugging, dance your ass off time. But between the weather conditions, and the amount of time (ALL DAMN DAY) you are there, you have to watch out for yourself. 

That’s why I find it crucial to tell you guys about the Urban Outfitters Festival Survival guide. If you check out their festival shop, they have laid out everything you can think of (and everything you would forget to think of because a bitch it busy and can NOT remember little details like deodorant wipes?! Did not know they even made those). 

Here, I have also put together a look from UO that is gosh darn perfect for any festival you may be attending. AND some products that I feel are necessities for such an event. Let’s get into it. 

This. Outfit. Gives. Me. Life. 

The striped mini dress screams “take me to Coachella!” It is very western bohemian meets 70’s diva. It’s short cut and lace-up detail (not to mention, hi, hello, to your booty) are sexy. Like, Giselle, all I’m seeing is legs. The lightweight knit make it ideal for warm weather, too. I promise, if it is warm you won’t have to worry about pitting! Yay. One more bonus…it’s hugging fit makes it so you don’t have to worry about it blowing up to reveal your cookie to hundreds of strangers. 

This jacket…is my new best friend and I have no problem saying that. The oversized boyfriend fit is IT. Can we also take a minute to talk about the “heck yes” leather patch on the back?! THANK YOU SO MUCH. This denim beaut is killer for either draping over your shoulders, or putting on to keep you cozy when it gets crazy windy or a little chilly in the evening. 

Comfortable shoes are probably the most important aspect of your wardrobe during a festival. You walk everywhere, stand for hours, and dancing will likely be happening. This is not the time to try and prove to people (who don’t care) that you can rock a wedge for hours on end. Cute, Becky, but this isn’t amateur hour. 

These Converse are not only beyond comfortable and easy to run around in, but they are stylish. I believe we call that a win/win. 

Bandanas. I passionately love a bandana on a good day. It adds such a fun element to any look. For festivals, however, it is really smart to have on ya. Aside from the fact that you will look cool as heck, but when the wind starts blowing, and dust/dirt are flying all up in your business, you can use it to cover your face or tie up your hair.   

Lastly, having good products with you is a MUST. You are outside all…day…long. It is so important to be prepared. First of all, a good lip is obvious. You want something that will not only look amazing, but that will last through all the drinking and singing. Smudging and smearing are also very inconvenient. A matte liquid lipstick is the key, and the one I am wearing here from Lime Crime is boss. It stays on like a champ, and doesn’t get flakey. Speaking of lips, this phenomenal lip salve by Milk is delicious on the mouth, and will keep you pucker ready. 

Another product I highly recommend is this cooling water stick. Yum to the nth degree. Put it on before your make-up to moisturize and prime, or apply it to your face and neck when you are out in the elements and need a refresh. Which, you will, just saying. 

Urban Outfitters is THE go to for any and all festival must-haves. They clearly know their stuff. Thanks for having our backs, UO.

Stay fly. Be prepared. Always be stylish. And stop being a hag.


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