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A Not So Marylin Moment

I sitting at dinner the other night with my family, when we start having a conversation about wearing white. You know, the whole, “no white after Labor Day” thing, when Labor Day was, when you could and could not wear white. I so charmingly jumped in (I rudely interrupted) and gave my opinion, which has been my opinion for years now. WHO. CARES. It is 2016. I’m going to wear white when I want. And so should you. I’m not conservative enough to follow that “rule.”

Now that I got that out of the way. This look! Sometimes, you get all dressed up for a night out, an event, what have you, just so you can feel like a lady. Or maybe you have to for a specific occasion and you don’t care about feeling like a lady at all. Either way, you want to appear classic, sexy, and chic. That is what I was aiming for when putting this ensemble together. 

During the Spring and Summer months, I am a major lover of all things white and cream. It’s so fresh and crisp. White during these seasons for me is my equivalent to black every other day of the year. 

What I love about this outfit, is that it hits every note. Let’s start with the vest. It is classic and structured with it’s tailored fit. But, at the same time sexy with the low cut front (I clearly chose to not wear a shirt underneath, but if you aren’t comfortable with that you could rock a sleeveless v-neck underneath and get a similar aesthetic). 

The pant, oh yeah, this is not a maxi skirt. No no no. THESE ARE PANTS! The PANT, is flowy and effortless, bringing in a very romantic feel as they blow freely in the wind. Minus the Mariyln moment because these are PANTS. I’m clearly very excited about it, I’m sorry. No I’m not. 

I really love a yummy combo of ivory and crisp white. Rather than looking completely mis-matched, they compliment one another in such a delicious way. 

I kept it beyond simple and paired with my go-to black pumps. This look would also look fab with a white heel, or even a pop of pastel.

Wear white when you want. Be chic. Be sassy. And stop being a hag.

Festival Ready w/ UO