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Cropped and Flared

So here’s the deal. I have never liked white denim on myself. I don’t have a problem with white denim in general, I think it is crisp and cute. For my personal style, however, I always had trouble finding a pair that wasn’t……preppy? 

But guess what…FOUND SOME! 

This pair from 7 is perfect. The cropped cut is chic, while the distressing is casual and edgy. I mean, the gold hardware on them doesn’t exactly suck, either. 

I wanted to keep the layers light because it is sprangggg. I put on my go-to loose black tank, and this yummy (slightly obsessed with) silk bandana print scarf. 

Lastly, I slipped on my statement boots because…I mean, they just kind of made sense. Don’t you think…? 

If you are wondering about my hair, I am in the middle of an awkward grow-out phase, I really need to wash it, and I slept with it like this and decided, FINE. 

Find what works for your style. Work, baby, work. And stop being a hag.


Sexy Frill