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Sexy Frill

If you guys have been following along with me for a bit (thank you, by the way) you can probably get a pretty good grasp of my style by now. Even if you haven’t (welcome to the most spastic blog ever) you can scroll through and get a general idea of my look. It is different on a regular basis, yes. However, the word “frill” would just about never be associated with something I am wearing. 

Clearly, by noting the title of this post, that has changed today. Track with me for a minute. No, I am not going to start wearing bows in my hair and rocking a matching gingham set. That is still no where close to who I am. Again, personal style people, nothing offensive. 

BUT, (I know folks are weird about starting sentences with conjuctions, but I do), when someone such as myself stumbles upon a sexy yet feminine sweater that would pair perfectly with some vintage cut-offs to make a look of her own, she rocks it. Even with some frill. 

Pay attention, this ain’t your mama’s knit sweater with ruffles. Actually…would that be more of your grandma’s sweater…? Am I overthinking this? I don’t think it matters, moving on. 

The overall fit, along with said ruffles and such, could make this sweater very preppy and sweet. What’s different about it, is that it is COMPLETELY sheer. That’s right. If you don’t wear a bra with this puppy you’re going full blown Rihanna, #freethenipple. Hey if that is your jam, more power to you. I just laid out topless for the first time in my life on a quiet beach in Tulum with my girlfriends. Freeing, sure, but just walking the streets with my girls in everyone’s face isn’t my scene. 

I went sexy Parisian and wore a high-contrast black bra so it would boldly show through the ivory. I paired the sweater with these mid-rise, destroyed, denim shorts, along with this double buckle belt that I have irritatingly been wearing almost everyday. 

I kept the rest of the wardrobe simple by throwing on theses comfy, lace-up, booties and these classic sunnies. There is plenty happening with all the distressing/tears in the britches and, you know, my bra. 

Edge out the frill. Show off those gams. And stop being a hag.

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