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Tulum Round Up

I was blessed enough to travel for the majority of April. Happy birthday to me, right? One of those trips was the last of the month. I went to Tulum, QR with a couple of my girls and y’all, it COMPLETELY stole my heart! I fell in love with it. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that it is probably the sexiest place I have ever been. 

I’ll talk more on that this week…that’s a hint. (Keep an eye on my Instagram, I have something special for all my babes).

For now, I wanted to do an overview of some of my favorite looks from the trip. Tulum style is beyond laid back, sexy, effortless, and comfortable. That is what I tried to achieve with the following digs. Enjoy!

Travel. Explore. And stop being a hag.

24 Hr TX Road Trip

24 Hr TX Road Trip

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