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Urban Cowgirl

So it’s the weekend. If you want to get technical, going into the weekend because it’s Friday, but don’t be annoying. Your friends are texting, Snapping, hopefully picking up the phone to call at some point because it’s good to actually speak to people. Everyone is trying to figure out plans. Stacy wants to catch up over brunch, but she’s a boujie broad so you know y’all will be dining somewhere chic. That group text that’s BLOWING up your notifications is wanting to see that one artist at that one spot. Jill broke up with Kevin, so now he wants a wingman to hit the town with because “he can do better anyway” and really he just needs you to buy him a beer and prevent him from going home with a girl who can’t chew gum and speak at the same time because she’s giving him attention. And Beth is down for whatever. 

You want an outfit you can wear for each one of those commitments you have coming your way. Let’s be honest, you are going to cram all of these into one jam packed day and then stay home the following night to catch up on some show and try out that new face mask you’ve been dying to try. 

Even if you are not, in general, it’s good to have an outfit at the ready that is comfortable, versatile, and stylish, obviously. 

Comfy, oversized, flirty little dress…check. Something like this is so easy to throw on in a hurry, and you’re comfortable for the entirety of it’s wear. 

Do you want to look like a young tween or like you are wearing a maternity dress? Not really. Belt that ish. I’m joking, however, I do prefer a belt with this look because it needed something extra. I am so obsessed with the double-buckle belts right now because they are practical and on trend. A hint of western flare, so you know I’m about it. 

Speaking of western flare, HELLO BOOTIES YOU ALL HAVE SEEN A MILLION TIMES. I have no regrets. These bad boys never disappoint. They get major style points, and I can last for hours on end wearing them. 

If it gets chilly, throw on a denim moto jacket or an oversized denim jacket. Good. To. Go. 

Be ready for anything. Dress to impress. And stop being a hag.


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