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Ohhh, Summer heat. Back again. It’s time to welcome back upper lip sweat and your hair sticking to the back of your neck. Yay…? It is the kind of heat here in Dallas where running errands becomes a chore. Your car can’t cool off when you are only blasting the AC ten minutes at a time going from place to place in the just about triple digit temps. So, going between two stores has your Dove deodorant lacking in it’s usual success, and your thighs sticking to your leather seats. CUTE.

When the weather gets to this point, it is CRUCIAL to dress in an outfit that won’t have you melting into the nearest street drain. It is also a bonus to wear a look that doesn’t leave you worrying about pit stains. 

For me, when I am in these hotter than heck degree points, tight clothes are out. The last thing I want is for what I am wearing to be sticking to me like sushi rice just pissing me off. 

A piece like this jumpsuit is perfect. Let me lay out the positives for you. The light color doesn’t absorb and/or attract the sun as much. It is loose and flowy, allowing whatever breeze there is blow through. It is sleeveless, so your underarms can breathe for goodness sake. Oh, and it’s a super stylish look. Win, win, win, win. 

Customize this simple yet chic ensemble with accessories. I’m (clearly) all about bandanas right now, so a black one with a yummy drop necklace (Covet and Keep) is effortless, but makes a killer statement. Edge it up with some contrasting chucks, and top it off with a go-to hat to shade your face. Voila! Bring on the steamy summer.    

Stay hydrated. Embrace the heat. And stop being a hag.

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