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Tie It Up

Listen, I am fully aware that I am one in a million people taking notes from one of the OG’s, MAN REPELLER. I mean, the chick has been blogging for a minute and has a major following. But what I love about her is the she puts together these completely outrageous outfits, rocks them with insane confidence, and reminds us of how fashion and style are supposed to be explored. 

Anyway, the reason for that quick spiel was that I stole this rad idea for a top from her snapchat story. So, thank you, Leandra. You freaking creative brilliant mind you. 

So, we all have a button-up, right? If you don’t, we then need to have a discussion on the foundation pieces and basics in your closet. 

You take said button-up, fold the collar under (if you are holding it out in front of you, inwards toward your body) and use the sleeves to tie it around your chest. Similar to when we were all tying flannels around our waists a couple seasons ago like we were taking part in a poorly produced 90’s hip-hop video. I am just as guilty…did it on a regular basis.

That is it! Now you have a flowy, open-back, strapless top. Great, right?

I’m actually angry I didn’t think of that myself. 

Man, when I saw the iPod, I could have kicked myself..

That was so hard on him.

That is dialog from the movie Baby Mama, and if you don’t know that…I’m sorry. Because that means you haven’t seen it and #missingoutbigtime. 

Pair your now reinvented top with a killer summer jean like these pups from my loves at 7 For All Mankind. They pop with the bold stripe print, but stay classic with the basic color palette. Don’t be afraid to let those ankles breathe either, cropped is major right now. It’s also summer for goodness sake. 

Throw on a fun cream colored loafer and whatever other accessories you feel like adding on to make it your own. DONE. Easy, awesome, not mad at all. 

Be creative with your wardrobe. Take risks. Rock it. And stop being a hag.

Bare Shoulders and Gams