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Bare Shoulders and Gams

Just been casually creeping up into the triple digits here in Texas. Was at a country concert last night and my skin was sticky from sweat in a matter of 5 minutes. Super cute. Also, yes you read that correctly, I was at a country concert. Do I listen to country music? No. Did I know who the artist was? I had never heard of him in my entire life. But it was a blast. 

>>To the sweet girl that came up and took and picture with me and my girl Tori at said concert: If you are reading this (likely not but if I'm lucky, yes) I am sorry that I was acting like a weird baboon and left on the boy's flat bill hat I was wearing for the picture. If you see me out again, do over. Thank you so much for loving our blogs. You rock.

I feel like I am probably a broken record at this point, but you have to dress for the heat. Otherwise, you are going to end up like the random girl that fainted in the middle of the crowd last night and had to be escorted to an ambulance. That happened. Luckily, I dressed the part and had plenty of cold beer to keep me cool. #summerbod.

We all know about the off-the-shoulder trend, it is insanely apparent. Everyone and their mothers are wearing tops and dresses exposing their, *googles scientific name for shoulder*, never mind just going to stick to shoulder because I’m super smart and didn’t remember it is made up of three different parts. You get the point. 

Why wouldn’t we all be into this? It is stylish and romantic. Who the hell doesn’t want to look stylish and romantic. Personally, I am a fan due to the fact that I love my shoulders and collarbone. I try to show them of whenever I can. 

BY THE WAY, you need to take a minute EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. To look at yourself and pick what you love about your body. We spend too much time picking ourselves a part. It is stupid and normal and lame. Find what you like, even if it is one thing, or something weird like your elbow, and be proud of that. 


What I am into on this look is the flirty aspect of the two separate pieces. Shoulders givin’ a little wink, frilly (twirly?) shorts shooting some finger guns with a kiss. It is so effortless, which is also wonderful. 

Based strictly on how you accessorize, it can be any style you want! Edgy, preppy, country, whatever. I went with my double buckle belt (that I apparently wear almost every damn day), a simple choker, and a bold ear cuff. Bohemian chic? Sure, that works. 

This look is great with a wrap sandal to keep it easy and light. Or a western boot if you are going to a country concert and want to be a total sell out (guilty AF). 

Find what you love about yourself. Show it off. Wer wer wer wer wer wer. And stop being a hag.

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