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No Doubt It's 90's

The 90’s baby. The decade that I named my boobs after. (I call my tits “90’s boobs” because of their shape. As in the shape of them was very “in” during that time. Think Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City, always braless in her silk cami. Verrrrrrry CB.) 

Oh, and I was born in the 90’s, so that’s sort of an important time for me. Popping out of my mother’s uterus was pretty crucial, you know, for my life. 

The 90’s and 70’s having been seriously prevalent in fashion as of late. Why wouldn’t they be, style in both decades were killer. Retro meets Boy Meets World. Classic. 

I’ve been really channeling my decade lately, and that is obviously the case with this look.

This new, made to look vintage, band tee sets the tone. It is obviously super comfortable as well. I’ve slept in it three nights in a row, #chic. Who doesn’t love Gwen? 

These re-worked vintage denim are a basic must right now with the high-rise “mom” fit, but have a yummy flare with the uneven cut hem. 

For accessories, I kept it simple with the dainty choker and cute socks. But…can we talk about these velvet booties FOR JUST A QUICK SEC. Hi. Yes. Need. Velvet is going to be major this fall season, and what better way to dive head first into the trend than these delicious, blue heeled babies. 

90’s forever. But don’t wear the frosted eyeshadow. And stop being a hag.


Denim and Shreds