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Twirl Babe, Twirl

Twirl Babe, Twirl

Now normally, I would look at this skirt…actually I think any of my friends who know me well would see this skirt, and never think that I would wear it. But, here I am, wearing this twirly gold skirt. No particular reason. To be honest, I just saw it and thought it was fun/funky. 

With any piece, it’s always just a matter of styling it to fit your look, ya know? Some would wear this look with a cute blouse, or a dainty top of some kind. For me…it was a tattered vintage trucking tee. 

Some would also likely pair this with a ballet flat or a wedge. I went with a sneaker. 

Also, if anyone feels the need to save a skirt like this for a special occasion you are trippin. Wear it mid-day, going to the grocery store, a casual lunch meeting, whatever. Be bold, dammit. Shine like the gold disco ball you are. 

I knew I made the right choice when I was walking down the street and a random middle age man giggled, pointed, and said “now that is weird.”

Thanks, guy. I could say the same about your high-waisted khakis and sweater vest. But, that is what I love about style, how different it is for each individual. 

Have fun. Live live live. And stop being a hag.

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