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24 Hr TX Road Trip

24 Hr TX Road Trip

When a hotel invited you and your girlfriends to drive down for the night to stay at their pad, you and the gals load up your shit and hit the road. Which is exactly what Tori, Lauren, and myself did.

This was literally a twenty-four hour road trip, and boy was it a rollercoaster.

First, let me tell you why this look is perfect for travel.

It’s ridiculously comfortable. Between the baggy tee and the shapeless lightweight overall, I was living my best life. The fuzzy slides are comfy but also add a fun and random element to the look. No, this is not a look to throw on if you are trying to land a mate. Not. Flattering. Fashion? Yes. Sex appeal? Not in the slightest.

We were having a grand ol’ time jamming out like teenage girls to nineties music for a LONG while. We were in the middle of laughing at something stupid when all of a sudden I looked in the rearview mirror to see flashing lights from a cop car. COOL. I looked at my dash and I wasn’t speeding, but pissed and flustered I went into the right hand lane bracing myself for a ticket….homeboy drives right past me. Thanks for that quick little adrenaline rush. 

 Then we happen upon this insanely awesome and !@#$*! random little store on the side of the road flooding with giant groupings of cactus. Naturally, we pulled over to take pictures (seen here). In the middle of taking pictures, a grumpy (FIERCELY RUDE) giant comes rolling out to bark at us and let us know that we are not aloud to take pictures there. We stopped, proceeded to go into the store which turned out to be filled with KILLER vintage finds. We snagged some vintage denim cut offs for fifteen bucks, yes please. But this guy followed us around the entire store breathing down our necks repeating that we cannot take photos, and a ton of random mumbling that was honestly just extremely odd and made us very uncomfortable. I really wish I could share this place with you because they carried serious scores, but I’m not going to send you into the lions den so that dick can make you feel gross and awkward. But hey, if you happen upon it, good luck, sneak pics when he isn’t looking and buy yourself something fun. 

We popped by Magnolia Market, which is always a fun stop. It’s gorgeous, Tor got us all hooked on their amazing candles, and they have some really yummy food trucks.

FINALLY after a century of us dicking around we got to our destination which was the Sheraton in Georgetown, Texas. First of all, this hotel was such a sweet surprise. It was so pretty, so nice, and everyone that worked there was so pleasant. Our suite was not only fantastic, but we were greeted with champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and personalized welcome baskets. Talk about adorable. 

Oh, I have to talk about the beds. Because WOW hi yes amazing squishy fluffy cloud of goodness. Slept so hard that me and Lo slept through our alarms multiple times and Tori woke up with sleep marks on her face. 

The food was totally delicious. As you can see…breakfast was a win. I got the avocado bagel. Dinner was also wonderful (highly recommend the cauliflower steak and the skillet potatoes). 

Forgot about the secondly…but secondly, Georgetown is CUTE. Very charming place. I will tell you bars close at midnight, so if you are hunting for a raging party town, I wouldn’t say this is your spot.

But seriously, the Sheraton Georgetown is a fab place for a fun little weekend getaway with your girls (or lover, not sure what your situation is, obviously). 

Sheraton, THANK YOU! We can’t wait to come back for another great stay!

Take random road trips. Be safe. And stop being a hag.

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