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Classy, Chic, Poolside

Classy, Chic, Poolside


I never have, nor will I ever be, the broad wearing heels with my bikini by the pool. You aren't walking the runway, honey. Not to mention one false move in a puddle and you are on your ass with a broken ankle. Highlight and contour, in my personal opinion, let alone a f'cking smokey eye, are completely ridiculous by the water. Especially considering if a tiny splash of it hits your face you will look like you are a melting wax figure. CUTE. Trust me, as much as everyone wants to hang out with the stiff chick that is always dabbing and checking her mug in the mirror while attempting to enjoy the sun...they don't.

Don't get me wrong, though. Who doesn't want to look chic whilst frolicking around in a swimsuit. It is actually quite easy. 

For the suit, I mean, wear whatever  you want. I tend to go for a classic black, but sometimes branch out to a fun little pattern. Why not. Sexy little red number is also fun. 

To wear (with the suit), a couple options I have come to be insanely fond of. One is a large shawl or scarf tied around the waist. You are covered, but not completely. You're stylish, but effortless. It's basically a cover-up but it just looks more fashionable. The other is simply a button-up shirt undone. It's sexy, easy to throw on, and comfortable. 

Rock your accessories. I wear my gold necklaces and bracelets. It just brings it all together, and stays appearing as more of a look even when stripped down to just the 'kini. 

Lastly, shades and sandals, A simple classy shade gets the job done, without shielding your entire face behind rhinestones. Also, more durable if they happen to (they will) get wet. For Heaven's sake, wear a sandal. You don't have to be dumpy and wear a croc, but a simple sandal is practical and cute. 

By the way, for make up, don't over do it, yeah? BB cream, a little bronzer, touch of a cream highlight, fill in those're good to go in five. You also won't look like a baboon when you emerge from the water. 

Stay classy, be chic, and stop being a hag

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