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Let's Address the Pink Ape In the Room

So, let me set the scene for you. Imagine me, a clothing maven (I was going to be straight forward and say “clothing whore” but, decided to keep it classy. Hi, Mom) merrily walking into the Urban Outfitters in Santa Monica, and my wandering gaze coming to a startling halt. Baby pink, furry, big, and outrageous. Obviously, I had to rush over to this “thing” to investigate. What, like I was going to ignore it, the…whatever the hell it was...was clearly calling out to me. Without hesitation I grab the hanger and pull it out from behind some graphic pullover or leather object, who could really remember. There she was. Just as crazy as I imagined. A jacket that resembled a bulky, cotton-candy ape. I sat there awkwardly holding it out in front of myself, mentally running through my closet and trying to decide what I could pair it with. I came up with nothing and bought it anyway. I’m always super smart with my wardrobe purchases. 

I brought the beast home, and it sat in my closet for a solid several months. FINALLY, one day, I decided to dedicate some time to putting a look together with my fuzzy friend. 

There are several ways a statement jacket of this nature can be worn. One, is to go all out, balls to the wall, and get decked. Literally, turn yourself into a dolled up, Iggy fancy, rockstar. In my personal opinion, that is the obvious choice. Two, google "Ariana Grande gorilla jacket,” it’s a cute look. Three, was the option I decided to tackle. It was a challenge. Using this animal-esque item, and making it a casual, everyday look. 

I grabbed one of my favorite pairs of jeans, that I had previously sliced up with some scissors from fashion school, and went from there. Then, began layering. My go-to tank/tee (I realize that if you know me, you’ve seen me wear this random sleeveless tee too often, lay off) and my comfy hoodie complimented the chill pant, along with my nude beanie. I threw on my leather chucks, and finally, the piece de resistance, THE JACKET. Basically, what I did was put on one of my frequented assembles, but instead of throwing on my leather jacket, I draped a pink gorilla on my shoulders. 

I realize that there may not be a lot of people who would wear a jacket of this variety as casual day-wear. I also know that it is not totally flattering on every single body type. But this esthetic can be utilized for any statement piece that you have haunting your closet. Bring that sucker out and rock it!! 

Be bold! Stop being a hag

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